OtesSnow Sled – The Best Winter Toy for Outdoor Fun

OtesSnow Sled – The Best Winter Toy for Outdoor Fun

OtesSnow Sled – The Best Winter Toy for Outdoor Fun

Get ready for some outdoor winter fun with the OtesSnow Sled. This fold-up snow scooter is perfect for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re sliding down snowy hillsides or gliding across grass and sand, this durable snowboard kick-scooter will provide hours of entertainment.

Made of PE Material

The OtesSnow Sled is made of high-quality PE material, ensuring durability and flexibility for smooth sliding. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle, even for children. Say goodbye to heavy and cumbersome sleds, and say hello to effortless fun!

Fold-up Design

The snow scooter features a convenient fold-up design with a round handle. This not only helps maintain balance but also assists with steering. The round handle provides a better grip and hand positioning, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride.

Non-slip Foot Pedal

The bottom of the snow sled is designed to be relatively smooth, allowing for quick acceleration when sliding. The non-slip foot pedal ensures that your feet stay firmly in place, preventing any unwanted slipping during play. Safety is our top priority!

Suitable for Multi-ages

The OtesSnow Sled is suitable for both children (over 6 years old) and adults, with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs. It’s the perfect winter toy for the whole family to enjoy together. However, adult supervision is recommended when children are playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the OtesSnow Sled be used on sand?
  2. Yes, the OtesSnow Sled can be used on sand, grass, and even flat streets. Its versatile design allows for endless outdoor fun.

  3. Is the snow scooter easy to carry?
  4. Yes, the OtesSnow Sled features a fold-up design, making it compact and easy to carry. You can take it with you wherever you go!

  5. What is the recommended age for using the snow scooter?
  6. The OtesSnow Sled is recommended for children over 6 years old. However, adults can also enjoy the thrill of riding this snowboard kick-scooter.


Experience the joy of winter with the OtesSnow Sled. This fold-up snow scooter is the ultimate winter toy for outdoor fun. Its durable construction, fold-up design, and non-slip foot pedal make it a safe and enjoyable ride for both kids and adults. So grab your OtesSnow Sled, head to the nearest snowy hillside or grassy slope, and let the adventure begin!

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