YDMON Turbocharger with Gaskets

YDMON Turbocharger with Gaskets

YDMON Turbocharger with Gaskets

Upgrade your vehicle’s performance with the YDMON Turbocharger with Gaskets, compatible with GT45 T4 1.05 A/R 98mm, boosting horsepower up to 600+HP.

Enhance Power Output

It can improve fuel combustion efficiency, obtain greater horsepower and torque, and provide a more powerful driving experience.

Improve Fuel Economy

Turbochargers improve combustion efficiency, optimize fuel use, increase fuel economy, and reduce operating costs.

Superior Performance and Reliability

Our products utilize high-quality materials and advanced technology, undergo rigorous testing and validation. Whether it is enhancing vehicle performance or improving safety, they can meet your expectations.

Product Details

  • Part Number: GT45 T4
  • Bearing Type: Wet Float
  • Cooling Type: Oil Cooled
  • Wastegate: External
  • Horsepower: Up to 600+HP
  • Turbo Type: Individual Universal
  • Fitment: Yes
  • Finish: Matte
  • Product Condition: Brand New & High Quality

Pre-installation Tips

  1. Replace the air filter: Failure to replace the air filter may result in damage to the compressor impeller.
  2. Change the oil: because the floating bearing and turbocharger will be damaged by impurities in the old oil.
  3. A new turbocharger cannot be replaced in an overhauled engine because excessive impurities in the oil after the overhaul will immediately damage the replacement turbocharger. Please run the old turbocharger for 7-10 days, then replace it with a new turbocharger and new oil.


What engine sizes is this turbocharger compatible with?

The YDMON Turbocharger is compatible with all 4.0L-6.0L engines.

Does the turbocharger come with gaskets?

Yes, the turbocharger comes with gaskets for easy installation.


Upgrade your vehicle’s performance with the YDMON Turbocharger with Gaskets. With its ability to enhance power output, improve fuel economy, and provide superior performance and reliability, it is the perfect choice for any car enthusiast looking to take their driving experience to the next level.

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